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Daisy's Cambodia Challenge

Daisy Armitage

Far away fundraising by Daisy Armitage takes her on a cycle challenge across Cambodia for the Meningitis Trust.

This is Daisy's story:

"In September I will be cycling 470km from Vietnam and across Cambodia in order to raise my goal amount of 2600 pounds for the Meningitis Trust. This is an amazing charity that offers support to families of sufferers and also encourages awareness of the illness, in order for it to be recognised early and therefore preventing it from becoming as serious as it can be. Hannah's untimely death heightened my awareness of this illness, and as she was such an important part of my childhood, this catalysed my reasons for taking up this challenge. I'm therefore throwing myself out of my comfort zone(by doing any form of exercise at all!) and into new and exciting countries in order to raise money for this brilliant cause.

I'm currently training nearly every day, have been injected with all sorts of wonderful things to prevent exotic illnesses, have my visas prepared and have gone out fundraising with friends dressed up as bananas in order to prepare for this trip! I'm just over half way with my fundraising, but still with plenty of resources to still look into, such as standing on the streets of Oxford, Reading and Bath dressed up as a fairy with a collecting bucket and essentially guilt tripping passers-by for their change- a very effective fundraising tactic indeed! My next step will be going around pubs with a collection bucket and taking advantage of people's generosity when tipsy. If you feel you would like to sponsor me for this charity, this can be done at my Just Giving