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David Brierwood Goes For Record

David Brierwood

David has already dedicated a huge amount of time rehearsing for the recording of his CD in memory of Hannah and in aid of the Meningitis Research Foundation.

Hannah was a close friend of David's daughter, Christina.
David says: “So Brierwood are you going to run a Marathon ?”
Answer: “NO! I am going to make a CD !I am going to make a CD in the next month or so. I have already been practising hard, picking out the repertoire and learning about recording – and I have started laying down the tracks (as we say in the music business !!). I have already had incredible generosity from Richard Lumsden and Mike Westergaard – two sound and music professionals whose expertise should mean I sound less like a rank amateur. I have discovered how incredibly painstaking and intensive the whole recording business is, including spending an entire weekend recording only to yield three minutes of recording –which I then discovered I had recorded in mono – not stereo. Oh Bother !
So I am asking you to sponsor me to make the CD – which I will then sell for additional £££s for Meningitis Research.
I have set up a page at Just Giving where you can make a donation.
I have studied the classical guitar since I was 6, and never given up ( Wikipedia - Aesop’s fable). I have been fortunate enough to con my way into masterclasses, and played for, and studied with some of the greatest guitarists and teachers, including Manuel Barrueco (one, if not “the” greatest Classical Guitarist) , Mark DelPriora (Manhattan School of Music), composers John Duarte and Leo Brouwer, and Michael Lewin ( Royal Academy of Music , London). Now having puffed up my ego, let me say that none of these eminent maestros bear any of the responsibility for your disappointment when you finally hear me play.