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Emily's Descent Raises More Funds

Emily Rivett and friends

Congratulations to Emily who completed a 200ft abseil down the Avon Gorge in memory of Hannah and to help raise money for Meningitis UK.

Emily says: I managed to complete both the practise and the actual abseil (70ft and 200ft respectively) both of which felt like a very long way down. As everyone said it was just going over the edge that was really frightening (your instructor says "just step back" which is a very surreal experience when you are perched on a cliff edge "step back?? on to where!?") and after that I apparently looked like a bit of a pro from the bottom going down really quickly - I didn't feel the need to enlighten people that I was only going down fast because it was either that or panic half way down. Of course this was Bristol so it was in the POURING rain - I was completely wet through - and then, quite literally the minute my feet touched solid ground the sun broke through the clouds, so at least we had some sunshine to support the next group.

For anyone still wishing to sponsor me now you know that I did actually complete it - there is photographic evidence of my in my million-and-one layers, plus a bobble hat and helmet combo on the Meningitis UK website

The just giving link is still active and any donations for such a worthwhile cause are very welcome.