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A New Poem for Hannah

Eleanor Rose has written an amazing new poem For Hannah. She composed it soon after a five year reunion for their year group.

December 8th
It's five years since graduation
seven years since you
I forgot what shoes you wore
how your hair fell in your face

But I would have liked to see youI would have liked to have a chat
- look how vivacious and healthy I am!
I would have liked to have found out what you're up to
But you stopped getting up to things at 16

I named a guinea pig after you
was lent a tissue when we weren't allowed to wear black
and I didn't own waterproof mascara
and choir sang your favourite songs

we celebrated your 17th
And you weren't in my form throughout my time at school
though you were through all yours
Other people have said it better, Spanner Banana
I do remember your rainbow belt, you know