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Phillips Family Conquer 3 Peaks

James, Huw and Isabel Phillips

Between 10.30 pm on Thursday 3rd July and 10.45 am on Saturday 5th July, Huw, Isabel and James Phillips successfully completed all 3 peaks of the challenge.

They climbed Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis in sixteen and a half hours, over two nights and a day. Helen (Phillips) and Gilly (King), the back-up team, joined them for the first part of Scafell Pike and managed to get over half way up - and thankfully, despite injury and infirmity, back down again.

James and Huw PhillipsSNOWDON
After an uneventful drive from London, Gilly's amazing navigational skills located the obscurely-parked coach in central Manchester. The Phillips crew started their ascent of Snowdon at 11.00 pm, after a nervous road journey with a number of fit and competitive Irish. Spirits were cheerful and the weather conditions benign, but after the first couple of hours, rain showers became more prevalent and the famous Welsh mist descended. Despite losing sight of the path on occasions, as well as the head torches of other challengers, both in front and behind, they reached the summit in about 2 and a half hours, with Isabel driving them on and James keeping them cheerful. Not lingering in the chilly night, they quickly descended, completing Snowdon in a very respectable 4 hours.
Isabel and James PhillipsSCAFELL PIKE
Then it was back on the bus for a sleep, a quick clean -up and change of kit, before driving through the rest of Thursday night to the Lake District. They arrived at Seatoller at about 11.30 am in glorious sunshine to start the asent of Scafell pike, with Gilly and Helen in accompaniment. They soon outstripped the ladies' more gentle pace and struck out for the summit. Gilly and Helen, on the other hand, were pleased with their efforts in reaching Great End massif and Sprinkling Tarn. They were even more delighted to reach the flatlands in safety again, after a somtimes tenuous and often hilarious descent. Apologies to the surprised man who found himself interrupted in their negotiation of a gentleman's lavatory en route! The professional crew, meanwhile, dispatched their task comfortably, reaching the summit and arriving back at Seatoller in just under 5 hours. Huw was heard at this point to ask, if they could stay in the pub, rather than walk up another b....y mountain?!
Isabel , James and Huw PhillipsBEN NEVIS
Spirits were still high as Gilly and Helen saw them on to the coach again at about 7.00 pm on Friday for the long drive to Scotland. As the back-up team continued their own private challenge in a hotel modelled closely on Fawltey Towers, the intrepid walkers snatched a little sleep in transit and then, began their final ascent at 3.30 am on Saturday. This was really a tough one, as everyone was tired, but they marched grimly to the top, braving the strong winds. At least, the early morning views were rewarding, as they huddled for shelter at the summit and then, returned triumphant, if rather weary, to the bottom at 10.45 am in an impressive 6 hours and 40 minutes - a great achievement, of which they should be justly proud.
James, Helen, Huw and Isabel PhillipsThe Phillips family have raised  a fantastic amount for the Meningitis Research Foundation as a result of the 3 Peaks Challenge and would like to thank everyone who has contributed so generously and supported them in their efforts.