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RooLoos Bracelets

RooLoos Bracelets

Rachel and Lucy have been hard at work making and selling bracelets on behalf of Meningitis Research Foundation.

Rachel says "We do it for the pleasure and the feel of satisfaction as we know we are helping to fight Meningitis.”

If you would like to support their fundraising you can buy one of their bracelets by contacting them via this website.

Details and options below:

Please choose four coloured threads at the maximum, e.g. Purple, bright blue, green, white. But if wish you may choose two of the same colour for one bracelet e.g. White x2, Red, Black.
Please choose a maximum of three different kinds of beads. They will be placed in the centre of the bracelet. If you wish you may have no beads. You can also pick one kind of bead and depending on the size, you find your bracelet has three of your chosen beads in the centre or one, as some are bigger than others. You may also ask to have two small beads either side of one big bead.
Each bracelet costs £3. We hope you would like to order a bracelet.