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Facebook Posts: December 14th, 2007


Amy Chantry (London) wrote at 10:42pm on December 14th, 2007
Doesn't feel quite right writing on this wall, as I never knew Hannah, she was a great friend of my friend Lauren. Just wanted to send my sincere symapthy to all her friends and family. It shows what an amazing girl Hannah was, due to all these messages on this wall, and the amount of people in this group. Life doesn't seem fair sometime, the worst things happen to the nicest people often. Although I never knew Hannah, I know one thing for sure... she will never ever be forgotten. May all your lovely, happy memories live on for eternity. Love to everyone who knew Hannah. She seems to have had an extremely positive impact on so many people's lives. If only there were more people like Hannah in this world, it would be a much better place. Stay strong... XXXXXXX

Andrews (Francis Holland School) wrote at 9:28pm on December 14th, 2007
i haven't seen hannah in quite a while, and i really regret that now. when i knew her she was one of the best people i had ever met, so friendly and kind towards everyone, and i was horrified to hear of her news. i have the deepest sympathy for her friends and family, and wish you the best in these hard times. we'll miss you hannah xxx

Kate Thurlow (Putney High School) wrote at 1:08pm on December 14th, 2007
I remember when i was really worried about having to have lessons with the year below and about not knowing anyone, but I remember thinking that it was fine coz i knew hannah and she was lovely and i could jst stick with her. My med.soc. buddy i will always remember her spirit and amazingly friendly personality. We will miss u immensely hannah love u always xxxx

Jemima Owen (The Harrodian School) wrote at 10:39am on December 14th, 2007
Something that made me smile- I remember in around.. year seven was it? When Hannah went through her infamous Goth phase, and on home clothes days everyone waited for her to arrive to see what sort of black and red stripy clothing she'd be wearing. And one day she came in, unexpectedly, wearing just a normal pair of jeans and a zippy top. I said to her 'Hannah what happened to all the goth stuff?' she looked a bit sheepish and said 'my mum didn't like my dog collar so I had to take it off!' Classic. But again, representative of what a fantastic person she was - never afraid to be unique or individual but at the same time, always wanting to please others and make them happy. RIP.