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Facebook Posts: December 12th, 2007






Eleanor Rose (Putney High School) wrote at 11:55pm on December 12th, 2007
I haven't written on this wall yet because I'm still finding it somewhat hard to believe. Hannah was such a wonderful person in every way - funny and kind and... simply a brilliant, exuberant person. It's so awful that someone this amazing could be taken so suddenly, and much as I still can't believe that it happened, I would rather focus on all the great times I had with Hannah, as I'm sure everyone else here had. My thoughts are with her family. I'm so sorry that you had to lose such a wonderful, vibrant person, and I hope you are all coping as well as can be expected.

Ashlie-Jayne Mansell (Uni. Southampton) wrote at 11:37pm on December 12th, 2007
I only knew Hannah as my lil sisters friend, but a few weeks ago she came along to xfactor with me as I had spare tickets. She kept us all entertained 4 whole day as we were freezing our butts off waiting. She told me of all her aims in life and how she was looking forward 2 learning 2 drive. I feel very saddened that she will not be able 2 do any of this, go 2 university, become a doctor, and save us all through her eco-friendly lectures. A real 21st century eco warrior! And I promise, in honour of this bubbly amazing young lady, to make a bit more effort to recycle. How pleased she would be.. hehe! RIP. My thoughts are with your family as they try to cope without u.

Jessica Vigne (Putney High School) wrote at 11:37pm on December 12th, 2007
Although I didn't know Hannah that well, I will remember her radiant smile and Medical society won't be the same without her, my thoughts are with her family for their loss especially at this time of the year. RIP Hannah, you will never be forgoten

Theo Muth (King's College School) wrote at 11:20pm on December 12th, 2007
you were beautiful in mind and spirit. your presence has effected and influenced us beyond measure. Rest in peace, you will never be forgotten. Report - Delete Sam Rhodes (London) wrote at 10:41pm on December 12th, 2007 Ben and family, I'm sorry about your great loss. My thoughts are with you.

Ali Rocher (Putney High School) wrote at 8:41pm on December 12th, 2007
Although i cannot say i was a close friend of Hannah's she still had something so special that will mean i neve forget her. I have spent most of my school years in the year below hannah, following her through from Junior school. She always saw the best in people and had a beatiful smile that could brighten up the day, for anyone. i would also like to point out that all these comments are 100% true, it is not just people saying these wonderful things about her now, if you had asked them before all this happened people would have said the same things about her, because that is the way she truly was. RIP Hannah you will be greatly missed and i will never forget you.

Camille Wallace (London) wrote at 5:48pm on December 12th, 2007
It has taken me a while to write on this wall, as I haven't been able to put into words how this terrible loss will affect everyone who knew Hannah - she clearly was a uniquely amazing person. "Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is far the best ending for one." - Oscar Wilde Hannah King brought me humour at sixth form committee on a Wednesday lunch time with talk of a recycling club (which at first I thought was a joke), but she also made me laugh in our conversations about rugby, neither of us understanding the love of the sport. Hannah would never have said a bad word about anyone, she gave so much love and kindness that it seemed almost a rarity to find such a person. She was one of Putney High's best assets, and anyone would be lucky to have said they'd known her.

Imogen Prus (Latymer Upper School) wrote at 5:37pm on December 12th, 2007
Hannah's consistent enthusiasm in English, her lengthened knowledge on music and bands, her art work, always huge, bold, colouful pieces are just a few reasons why Ill remeber Hannah with such fondness.She was a kind, approachable and optimistic girl. It's impossible to describe how much she will be missed in words and by so many people. My thoughts are with her family and close friends at this time.

Bella Cameron (London) wrote at 5:23pm on December 12th, 2007
i first saw hannah on at my first day at Putney high, when i was about an hour late, she showed me where to go. since then, i always smiled at her, in the corridors, and outside school, and she never once ignored me, although i was younger than her. I will always remember fighting oer, about who should have won the "recycling cup" as i thought our class should have won it. i will never forget hannah, and i will improove on my recycling. Hannah, you are greatly missed, and my thoughts are with your family, at this difficult time. xxxx

Jessica Owugha (Putney High School) wrote at 3:51pm on December 12th, 2007
Hannah - what a lovely, gorgeous and dedicated young lady. I got to know Hannah during preparing for a music charity event where all the above qualtities and more were brought to light. I say she was lovely because she simply was; one of a rare breed of teens who socialised across the 'groups' and spoke to you like she had known you for ages. I say she was gorgeous because she simply was; both inside and out. A beautiful appearance and a beautiful heart. I say she was dedicated because she simply was; the music showcase fell on the day of her GCSE art exam, but she still turned up in the evening (all be it covered in paint!) ready to go! Needless to say, Hannah will be dearly missed, and it is a privelage to be able to have called her a friend. May her soul rest in peace xx

Katie Pendleton (Newcastle UK) wrote at 2:52pm on December 12th, 2007
As one of Hannah's cousins I grew up with her infectious laughter and humour. As a medical student, i was always very excited aobut the time when she would fulfil her dream to be a doctor because she would have been a FANTASTIC one. She would have shown compassion to everyone and brightened even the darkest of days. It is clear from this group just how loved Hannah was and how deeply she will be missed. She will inspire me forever to continue in medicine, and i will do my best to accomplish our dream in Hannah's name. She was beautiful in life and in death...and i hope that she rests in peace. Gilly, Simon, Ben and Jamie have been truly remarkable in such a hard time....I love you all so much! Hannah, my darling, beautiful, kind, spirited cousin, I will miss you more than you will ever know. xxx

Katere Pourseied (Roehampton) wrote at 2:31pm on December 12th, 2007
I've only had the chance 2meet Hannah this Summer when she was working @Whitelands and spreading out laughter and happiness with her amazing presence!!! I more know Gilly who is very close to my heart and I can not imagine how difficult this must be. As she seemed to be angel on earth! Gilly, you are amazingly strong & I wish for you, your family and everyone who knew Hannah to think of her and smile as she brings up wonderful memories for each and all of you! Always remember, those we love are never really lost to us, we feel them in so many special ways; through friends they always cared about and dreams they left behind. In beauty that they added to our days.. in words of wisdom we still carry with us and memories that never will be gone.. those we love are never really lost to us - for everywhere their special love lives on. Those who live in the hearts of others, Never die!! Love x x x R.I.P. Hannah

Bertie Wrench (Redwood High) wrote at 12:03am on December 12th, 2007 i didn't see you before this for years, but i can still picture your smile. may you rest in peace. x though right now it seems impossible, i hope your family recovers from this tragic loss.