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Facebook Posts: December 11th, 2007






Kate Thurlow (Putney High School) wrote at 11:18pm on December 11th, 2007
I've put off writing on this wall as i reli dont know how i can say anything that would be enough. Hannah was one of the most genuinely amazing ppl iv met. I'll always remember her on choir tour laughing loudly in the cake church and running up and down the corridors singing in the coach as well of corse! Also every time i do a mole calculation in chemistry it'll remind me of her as she always sed how much she loved moles everytime we did them in class. I will never forget her and life will simply not be the same without her. She was truely one in a million and we'll all miss her terribly. My love to her family and friends. x

Phoebe Emerson (Putney High School) wrote at 10:47pm on December 11th, 2007
nothing i can say is ever going to show how much Hannah will be missed by everybody who knew her, but i will say that she was such a pleasure to spend time with - so selfless and so positive. she was a true putney high girl and none of us will forget her. xxxxxx

Emily Rose (Putney High School) wrote at 10:38pm on December 11th, 2007
I do not think there is one person that everyone knew in the whole school except Hannah. Rest in Peace. xxx

George Casley (London) wrote at 10:32pm on December 11th, 2007
It feels invasive to write on this wall - the delight in Hannah of her peers is what this is about but as I have been asked ... As one of Hannah's teachers I knew a highly intelligent, passionate, fun, quirky, Putney girl. My last conversation with her as I argued about her going home when she felt "a bit ill" was full of wit and care and thought for her teaching and learning - whilst she also put a little insult my way! My greatest memory of her - discussing her email address in a CT lesson - and her exuding love for her mum and family - love that they have shown so much in the last few tragic hours. I will miss her in Putney (and not just because I had to empty my own recycling bin on Monday!) GC - thank you to everyone who has shown their memories of her here.

Juliana Piskorz (Putney High School) wrote at 10:17pm on December 11th, 2007
i never met Hannah, but whenever i saw her around school she always had the biggest smile on her face rest in peace

Olivia Scotts (London) wrote at 9:51pm on December 11th, 2007 Hannah was one of the happiest and most possitive girls I have ever met! Her amazing presence will be sorely missed! Message - Report - Delete Steven Dunleavy (no network) wrote at 9:49pm on December 11th, 2007 Hannah, I only knew you well enough to say hi to you in the corridoor and chat with you from time to time but when I did talk to you, you always made me smile no matter how i was feeling. You will be sorely missed by so many people Philippa XXX

Phoebe O'Hanlon (Putney High School) wrote at 9:39pm on December 11th, 2007
there isn't a bad word to say about you hannah-you have inspired us all at putney high. Without a doubt u were an angel, as everyone thought. you never didn't have a smile on your face or a negative thing to say about anyone. Our loss is heavens gain, and heaven has truly received an amazing person who will definietly never be forgotten, ever, from our hearts and thoughts. xxxxxx

Sarah O'Grady (Putney High School) wrote at 9:17pm on December 11th, 2007
Hannah was pretty much the most amazing person I have ever met! I really looked up to her. She knew what she wanted and was never afraid to say what she thought. I sat next to Hannah in choir seeing as we were both in the same part. I know I didn't know her that well, but the plan was, was that we would hang out more when we were both in sixth form... It feels strange that it was only on Wednesday when I last spoke to her. She was an incredible individual and was the kind of person who had an impact on everyone she met. She will be missed immensely, her smile, her laugh and her ability to get people to talk. I will never forget her.

Steffie W (London) wrote at 9:07pm on December 11th, 2007
Hannah was a beautiful and talented person. She had time for everyone and i feel truly blessed that i knew her. She was taken out of each of our lives too soon and she will be truly missed by everyone everywhere. My thoughts go to the family and friends at this tragic time. may you rest in peace!!!! xxxx

Emma Wilkinson (Putney High School) wrote at 8:47pm on December 11th, 2007
You are beautiful rip xxx Message - Report - Delete Katie Jackson (Bryanston School) wrote at 8:20pm on December 11th, 2007 I only found out the other day what happened as I went to pre prep with hannah. Its so awful. My thoughts are with her family at this time. xxxxxxxxxx

Melanie Jensen (Putney High School) wrote at 8:09pm on December 11th, 2007 Hannah King - you will be missed so much at Putney High. Unluckily, i didnt get to know you very well bt i rememer ur smile and ability to make everyone around you happy. you were amazing in medical society and i remember thinking how i admired you and would love to have your confidence and radiating hapiness. you will be missed by everyone you met xxxx

David Alan Pendleton (no network) wrote at 7:51pm on December 11th, 2007
Hannah - my beautiful niece. You were and always will be so much loved by all your family. Each time I saw you you had become more beautiful, and I know you would have been such a great doctor which was what you wanted to do. I will remember your dancing, your hand-made jewellery, your quiet sense of humour - you once said you were a "boy magnet" - well you were certainly a magnet for so many people and I know you were on the brink of doing something special and being someone special. How lucky we all are to have known you and how I wish that I had got to know you even better. Keep dancing! All my love - your Aunty Jenny.xxxxxxx

Minal Mehta (Putney High School) wrote at 7:43pm on December 11th, 2007
Hannah, although I didnt know you that well, you never failed to make me laugh, especially in choir! The first time we properly met was in Junior Choir, when you me and ria used to chat a lot! I then got to know you a bit better on the Portugal trip and cherish the memories we have... I know you have gone to a better place, but I will still miss your kind, warm

Zainab Haq (Putney High School) wrote at 7:29pm on December 11th, 2007
Hannah despite the many things that have already been said by everyone, i never hesitate to know that there's not sumthing new i can't add, because u touched so many lives,but u did so in a way that each and every life that you touched had its own distinct and individual manner, each for the better. every silence is filled with your thoughts, and tho you may not be here with us,you will always be carried with us amongst our heart and minds,reminding us always to see all the positives, and to ALWAYS use those recycling made me a better person,and it only someone as genuine and true as yourself can have that impact on another individual rest in peace you're truly missed and loved xxxxx

Sally Hickey (Putney High School) wrote at 7:28pm on December 11th, 2007
although I didn't know her all that well she still cheered me up in house choir, when we would stare at the clouds going by. i really looked up to her as a person and I hope that she is never forgotten, and that she has made a positive imprint on the world xxxxxx

Maddy Cooper (no network) wrote at 6:43pm on December 11th, 2007
Hannah was a lovely girl with a wonderful catching smile. She was undoubtably a fantastic friend to my sister Hannah Winter for many years. It is desperately sad to think that she is no longer around. I hope that wherever she has gone is a happy place and she is being taken great care of as she so deserves. I miss her and I am thinking of her family and friends at this very difficult time. With lots and lots of love to you darling Hannah xxxxx

Mimi Randolph (Putney High School) wrote at 5:37pm on December 11th, 2007
Hannah Unfortunately i was not one of your closest friends, but i think that the fact that i will have so many memories of you echos what has been said many times before me, you were a beautiful star, someone who always had something nice to say about anyone and someone who would always go out of your way to help others Rest In Peace Hannah, you will be greatly missed

Mills Carton (Godolphin and Latymer) wrote at 5:10pm on December 11th, 2007
Dear Hannah, i wish I'd had the chance to get to know you better but you were a kind and warm person who was always laughing and smiling. I'll never forget you (or great uncle albert who got us through so many nights) all my love xxxx

David Alan Pendleton (no network) wrote at 4:01pm on December 11th, 2007
We Brits are not known for overstatement so I want to say this:
Are there more beautiful girls than Hannah? Probably, but I have not seen any.
Are there more charming people than Hannah? Possibly, but I have not met any.
Is there a greater loss than Hannah? Possibly, but I cannot imagine any.
Hannah, you wanted to be a healer and you have achieved your wish in so many unexpected ways. So rest in peace Hannah Katie King, with our love; and our thanks for every precious moment. David Pendleton (her uncle)

Chloë Hole (Cambridge) wrote at 12:28pm on December 11th, 2007
Being just a bit older, I cannot remember my life without Hannah in it. My happiest childhood memories are bound up with memories of the times I spent with her and her family. Whether it’s body-boarding in Brittany, laughing about French farmers, playing in her garden or dancing on ferries I have nothing but praise and love for such a wonderful, warm-hearted girl. She truly was beautiful in every sense and I will remember her always. Chloe

Hadden Fray-Smith (London) wrote at 11:04am on December 11th, 2007
Darling Hannah, We miss you. I was lucky enough to get to know you through Ben, even if it was only at the occassional party. From that alone it was more than obvious to tell how amazing you were. You were kind, you were genuine, you were funny, you were an all round good person. I hope you knew how much everyone loved you because a lot of people loved you a lot. Its really amazing how so much of that love has been used to unite so many people, and to even bring the closest of friends even closer together. You were an example, in life and death, to live life to to full and from now on each day that goes by you will remind us of that. Hannah i hope you are well. Lots of Love I m thinking of you. xxx

Lizzie Preston (St Paul's Girls' School) wrote at 9:36am on December 11th, 2007
Hannah, you were the best friend, anyone could have ever wanted for 10 years. From getting in trouble together for talking to much to our trip to the Sanctuary over half term. I just wish the 3 amigos had'nt ended so early. You were the friendliest, kindest person ever and i shall never forget you but always remember you as the smiley, happy person you were. Love you always and nothing will ever be the same without you. Rest in Peace my darling (Gremlin). All my love Fizzbo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Amalia Rex (London) wrote at 12:53am on December 11th, 2007
I knew hannah from putney park and putney high, but sadly never got to know her very well.. From reading all these comments i think it is clear to everybody what an amazing person she was and how she has touched many people over the years; and she will be greatly missed by everyone. my thoughts are with her friends and family at this tragic time. R.I.P Hannah x x x

Shahreen Chowdhury (Putney High School) wrote at 12:42am on December 11th, 2007
I didn’t have the privilege of really knowing Hannah for very long but I just want to say that Hannah King was someone who stood out from the crowd. Last year in Medical Society, I remember her with her funky frames, always so lively and charming. I remember admiring Hannah, wishing that I could be as mature and gifted as her. You could tell she was a bright star; Hannah was so determined and dedicated to her ambitions and aspirations. At the Music Showcase, I saw that not only was she talented, but she was humble and sincere. I was so impressed with her songs and when I went to congratulate her, she was so modest. It’s hard to believe that I won’t see her around school anymore with her infectious smile and bright blue coat. She was a true individual and a genuinely kind person. I don’t think Hannah knew just how many people she touched. My thoughts and prayers are with her family to try and find strength, courage and faith during this unimaginable time. Love, Shahreen.

Jessie O'Regan (Putney High School) wrote at 12:07am on December 11th, 2007
Hannah's memory will inspire us all to smile and to be enthusiastic and warm on the grumpiest of days; she managed it every single day that anyone knew her. What a beautiful singing voice. Rest in peace. xx