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Facebook Posts: December 10th, 2007






Catherine O'Riordan (London) wrote at 11:35pm on December 10th, 2007
i really wish i had known her better. the times i met her i remember being all overly hyper, full of laughter and happy. she was a lovely beautiful person who will not be forgotton. Message - Report - Delete Emma Laws (London) wrote at 11:33pm on December 10th, 2007 Hannah - many a time I would look at you when we sat discussing the excitement of heading off to russia on elsa maud or having a giggle in choir and think that the world would be such a wonderful, wonderful place if everyone could be even just a little bit like you. All my love. Em Xxx

Alice Bennett (Headington Girls) wrote at 11:32pm on December 10th, 2007
my darling friend.

Linda Trevor (Putney High School) wrote at 11:15pm on December 10th, 2007
Hannah you were the most amazing, joyous and bubbly person and always fantastic to be around. You had a beaming smile that was contagious to everyone you met and I am sure that wherever you are, you will continue to provide happiness. Happiness is the most important emotion to have and to cherish in my mind, and you brought so much of it to this Earth. You always made a great effort to speak to me on our long walks home, and you only had to say hello in order to brighten up my day. You told me several stories that kept me laughing for weeks. I can still remember them and will always treasure those memories that we shared. You brought a quality to this Earth that no one else can bring or ever will be able to bring in the future. An unforgettable quality. You could have not have been a more kind and genuine person. The inspiration that you have given me and will continue to give me is more than I could have ever hoped for. I will miss you dearly xxxxxxxx

Imogen Roux (London) wrote at 10:28pm on December 10th, 2007
Hannah King, the smiles and the laughs and our hopeless but ever determined harmonising in choir... The girl we all knew and loved and who chatted constantly, probably the only person i know who i genuinely couldnt say a bad word about taken so soon. No matter how much or how little we knew you Hannah, you have inspired us all and will never, ever be forgotten. Out of all the people in the world, to take you, someone so special and with so much to give, away from us is incomprehensible. When I spoke you to you on Wednesday i never dreamed that it would be the last time i would see you but as they say, Only the good ones die young, and you were far too good for this earth. You have left your handprint on my heart and you, your laugh and your blue coat will be with us all forever. I hope you are happy wherever you are, Putney High just aint the same without you and your bright blue coat :) God bless, Imi xxxxxxxxxx

Max Awan (London) wrote at 10:26pm on December 10th, 2007
I never really got the chance to know you very well but every time i met you, you were always cheerful and put a smile onto everyone's face. You were amazing. RIP Hannah xxx

Georgina Gullick (London) wrote at 10:25pm on December 10th, 2007 hannah. every time we met i just remember having endless discussion about our work experience and how much fun we'd had and how amazing it was. I have never met anyone who wanted to be a doctor as much as me, but you certainly did and were so prepared and excited for it. I will think of you every step of the way through beocming a doctor and remember you. it was an honour to have met such a wonderful person. i will always remember you, you'd have made the most amazng doctor ever xxxxxxx

Harriet Parker (St Paul's Girls' School) wrote at 10:23pm on December 10th, 2007
will always remember your beyond impressive role as the major general, everyone was clamouring for the part and i think its safe to say the best man won!! miss you and love you RIP xxxx

Daisy Armitage (Queen's Gate School) wrote at 10:16pm on December 10th, 2007
this terrible news has opened floodgates to some of the fondest memories of my childhood. Hannah Spanner Banana Katy King will be always associated in my mind with: purple princesses, her wu tang clan hoodie, her purple punk boots that rachel gave her, caeser salad, swirly drawings, captain jack sparrow, pinafore pirates, st pauls fireworks, rise festival, scootering around on micro scooters in putney, fairthorne manor and your first boyfriend, who you wouldn't dump straight after he asked you out, even though we were all exasperatingly trying to explain that that was the POINT of having boyfriends: to dump them first! She was an unbelievably charming, special girl and one of the best people for random natters and will be missed madly by all of us.

Izzy Abbey (Headington Girl's School) wrote at 10:07pm on December 10th, 2007
this girl was absoultely brilliant and i'm so sorry not to have known her better...XxXxXxX

Colin Stokes (London) wrote at 10:07pm on December 10th, 2007
Thanks for the times we had together, a long time ago I know, but our walks around putney and holland park, and our disco dates were things i won't forget. You truly were a kind and sensitive person, and I feel lucky that I knew you so well even if not recently. RIP xxx

Emmi Dodge (Putney High School) wrote at 9:45pm on December 10th, 2007 Hannah is one person i can never remember not knowing. Even back when she was in year 3 she was one of the nicest happiest people i have ever met. Just to see her would make you smile. I will always miss you Hannah and i think i can safeley say that you will never be forgotten

Liberty Gordon-Brown (Westminster School) wrote at 9:31pm on December 10th, 2007
Hannah, i will always remeber you as the bright, smiling, wise, happy girl that you were. Thankyou for the music you introduced me to and your help and advice at times of need. We will miss you. Rest in Peace xx

Josh Tingle (Kings College School, Wimbledon) wrote at 9:24pm on December 10th, 2007
again, i had only met hannah a few times but i honestly cant think of a kinder, sweeter person. She made me laught a lot...RIPxx

Victoria Clarke (London) wrote at 9:19pm on December 10th, 2007
I didn't get the chance to see u that often but the times when we did, we had some amazing nights with lots of good memories and you never failed to put a smile on anyones face. Such a caring person who always made me laugh and who always had a smile on her face. You will be missed by so many people. RIP hannah xxx

Lucy Sacarello (Putney High School) wrote at 9:08pm on December 10th, 2007
I think that most people are affected as whenever they had a smile or warm hello from Hannah in the corridor, it really impacted everyone. She was always friendly whether you saw her in the street or in the corridor. By the number of people that have mourned for her, it is clear that she was truly unbelievable. We'll miss you, And you truly have inspired all of us! I believe Hannah was the linking between all age groups and was never shy to start up a conversation with someone she didnt know. Amazing. xxxxx

Anoushka Mehta (Putney High School) wrote at 9:01pm on December 10th, 2007
I didn't know hannah terrible well but every time i had the pleasure of talking to her, she was a genuienly lovely, smiley person who always had something funny to say and always managed to put a smile on your face. she was a warm and inspirational girl who will never be forgotten. judging by the number of posts here, it is obvious that hannah will be sorely missed. rip xxxx

Joss Meaks (Hampton School) wrote at 8:59pm on December 10th, 2007
From Serrie Meakins, Hannah was a star - from the first day I started teaching her in year 10, she was always happy, funny, positive....she alwasy did her homework, alway knew her stuff. She was a teachers dream! But she was such a sweet and good natured girl that it was clear the other girls loved her too. I shall miss her. We shall all miss her and the world will be a duller place without her in it.

Sophia Robson (Richmond Upon Thames College) wrote at 8:58pm on December 10th, 2007
I may have only known hannah in year 7 and i only saw her briefly from time to time since then but i know that she was a really great person and everyone who ever met her and talked to her will miss her.

Juliet Arthur (Putney High School) wrote at 8:54pm on December 10th, 2007
I didn't know Hannah that well, but from what I did know, I found her to be one of the sweetest, friendliest people I have ever come across. She had an impact on so many people, however big or small. Rest In Peace, you will be missed so much. xxxxxx

Olivia-Louise Ovenden (London) wrote at 8:41pm on December 10th, 2007
Speaking with people today made me realise that in the near ten years i've known Hannah i've never heard her say a bad word to or about anybody. We should all learn from this amazing attribute of hers which she carried with such grace and happiness, nobody can come close to her warmth acceptance and constant cheerfulness. Our thoughts are with her family and friends who are being so strong at this unimaginable time. She is sorely missed and will never be forgotten, or the atmosphere and cheer she brought to everyone in a different way. Rest In Peace Hannah xxxxxxxxxx

Sadhbh O'Sullivan (Putney High School) wrote at 8:26pm on December 10th, 2007
i knew hannah in the way that id say hi to her in passing in the corridor, and id speak to her in choir but she was easily one of the happiest, nicest girls ive ever met, and whilst we may not have been close, her death has affected me. as it has everyone rest in peace hannah you wont be forgotten

Adam Stylianou (London) wrote at 8:11pm on December 10th, 2007
Mrs J Stylianou (Putney Park School) remembers you from the age of five as the brightest button she ever met. I was privileged enough to have been your teacher and learnt more from you than I could ever have taught you. Thanks for the memories, I will cherish them forever. (Mr A Stylianou)

Henrietta Wormal (Wimbledon High School) wrote at 8:01pm on December 10th, 2007
You were the happiest person i knew, always smiling and friendly! You were AMAZING at ballet! Lots of love x x x x

Lulu Dickins (The Harrodian School) wrote at 7:28pm on December 10th, 2007
Hannah,when i was younger you were my role model,beautiful , lovely and so talented.I remember going to gymnastics with you once a week and always trying to impress you on our car journey there .I looked up to you .Rest in Peace beauty you will be deeply missed!All my Love xxxx

Manvir Hansra (London) wrote at 7:14pm on December 10th, 2007
I did not know Hannah for long, but I did know that she was a genuinely kind-hearted person. She was always so happy and smiley, and would make you smile as well. Hannah, you were always full of energy and enthusiasm, I don’t know how you did it. You truly were a wonderful person who will be missed greatly. Rest In Peace Hannah, we will miss you xxxxx

Liv Archibald (Putney High School) wrote at 7:09pm on December 10th, 2007 hannah was one of the happiest people i have ever met. she was unbelievably independent and determined. everybody loved to be around her because she was cheerful and funny. i will always remember her for our days in lytton house, in pinafore pirates, and for her infectious smile. ive never known someone to be so happy ALL the time xxxxxxxxxx

Catherine Goldstone (Godolphin and Latymer) wrote at 6:54pm on December 10th, 2007
it's so horrible that you were taken before i could get to know you better. You will always stick out in my memory as being the best, most positive, funny, beautiful and happy pirate in the world. We'll all miss you. RIP xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxc

Erica Roche (Putney High School) wrote at 6:52pm on December 10th, 2007
I am lucky enough to have known Hannah for 16 years and gone to school with her for 9 of them. Growing up she was like a sister to me and i truly cannot explain what a special person she was. Hannah, your vibrance and enthusiam will never be forgotton and i hope that wherever you are now you can make the difference that we know you were determined to make. Rest in peace my little angel x

Kim Chua (Putney High School) wrote at 6:43pm on December 10th, 2007
Hannah, you were an inspiration to all of us with your infectious smile and bubbly personality. Thank you for being the most amazing and caring person that you were. You were truly one of a kind and I will miss you terribly. Rest in Peace. xxxxx

Jenny Holl (London) wrote at 6:34pm on December 10th, 2007
Will miss your cheerful, positive view on life Hannah. I never heard you moan once in the 4 years I've known you and am glad to have walked in Box Hill and travelled to Seville and Lisbon with you. Will miss your chirpy sunny smile round school very much. xxxx

Mimi McD (The Grey Coat Hospital) wrote at 6:32pm on December 10th, 2007
i havent ever met hannah and i never knew her...but i heard about her from nicola and it made me cry to hear that she had gone.... im sad i wont meet her but happy that she touched so many lives. thankyou hannah for helping nicola with her physics....i know it meant alot. RIP my dear. xxxx

Alicia Birchall (Putney High School) wrote at 5:57pm on December 10th, 2007
We will never forget how you made us smile no matter what. I know that every thing you did touched someone, and I pray that as we all remember you in own way we remember how your kindness brightened our day and that we all remember to be as kind and positive as you were, and to try to be as friendly and kind to everone and you. Hananah, you will never be replaced and you will never be forgotton, for every day you were with us you made the world a better place to live in, and for that we are all truly thankful. Rest in Peace Hananh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tammy Sadrudin (Putney High School) wrote at 5:41pm on December 10th, 2007
Hannah touched all our hearts with her exceptionally bubbly and positive personality, she was a friend to everyone. Whether you knew her well or not, you couldn't help but smile when you saw her beautiful face. She had the ability to light up a room with her stunning voice, reaching out to us all. So pure of heart at such a young age, God felt she was ready to be in a better place. Rest in peace Hannah, you will never be forgotten. xxx

Jess Hitch (Hurtwood House) wrote at 5:37pm on December 10th, 2007
I can't put into words how amazing Hannah was, she made everyone smile and was always laughing. I've known her all my life and will never lose the wonderfull memories I have of her. She will be sorely missed by everyone x x x x

Georgie Allen (Putney High School) wrote at 5:28pm on December 10th, 2007 hannah we will all miss you so much and no one will ever forget your smile and how you could make almost every situation funny, ill never forget you, rest in peace xxxxxxxx

Georgia Derry - Evans (Francis Holland School) wrote at 5:26pm on December 10th, 2007
Hannah was so lovely whenever i saw her we always had such fun nights out!! my thoughts are with her friends and family rip hannah xxxxxxx

Sishy Goodall (Headington Girl's School) wrote at 5:10pm on December 10th, 2007
hannah- we have only met once. but you were an inspiration to me; a gorgeous, friendly, telented and intellegent young woman. im sure we will have a music session together one day- and i cant wait! rest ini peace hannah with all my love and admiration XX

Amy Elizabeth Heggart (Putney High School) wrote at 5:06pm on December 10th, 2007
I was practicing at school the other day, and next door i heard a stunning version of 'Halleluia' and i wondered who it was. When i had finished, i looked in and saw it was Hannah singing. I had never heard her before but it was beautiful. (in fact, I secretly went home and tried to work out the chords!) I did not know her well, but she was lovely to talk to and I will not forget her beautiful voice. Rest in Peacexox

Delete Katie Marsh (Warwick) wrote at 4:59pm on December 10th, 2007
Hannah was one of the bubbliest and brightest people I ever knew. She managed to stay cheerful even in the most stressful situations! She was a wonderful, kind and thoughtful person who I, and many many others, will never forget.. xxxxx

Kat Atkins (Surbiton High School) wrote at 4:57pm on December 10th, 2007
I met you about twice and thought you the loveliest person i had met. May you rest in peace x

Charlotte Harrison Keen (London) wrote at 4:55pm on December 10th, 2007
I havent known hannah long but she really was one of the most genuinly lovely people i have ever met ..... RIP hannah xx

Chloe Bustin (Godolphin and Latymer) wrote at 4:52pm on December 10th, 2007
Even though i only met u a couple of times, i can honestly say you are one of the most amazing people i will ever meet in my life. you were always so positive and made everyone laugh. thanks for being such a great person, you will b missed, but will also be in our memories. RIP pirate Hannah xxxxxxxxxxx

Max O'Collins (Cranbrook School) wrote at 4:41pm on December 10th, 2007
not only have we lost a lovely, beautiful girl, but also a great pirate. you will never be forgotten hannah, xxx

Kat Cameron (Putney High School) wrote at 4:31pm on December 10th, 2007
hannah was one of the happiest people i have ever met... i never saw her sad, and she always made people smile. she will be greatly missed and never forgotten at putney high, my thoughts are with family at this tragic time, rip xxx

Rachel Brewster (Putney High School) wrote at 11:18am on December 10th, 2007
Hannah.. i believe that you are now in a better place...and that you will have the peace and greatness that you deserve.. i'm sorry that i did not chat to you more at school... i will try and live out your dream.. as i'm going to medical school in sept and i know that you wanted to do this too.. you were an amazing singer.. and i pray for you and all the ppl that loved you... you shall be missed xxx

Kim De Souza (London) wrote at 11:17am on December 10th, 2007
Hannah King was such a beautiful, talented and amazing person, to say the least. I remember rehearsing for the music showcase with her. I was taken a back by her rendition of Hallelujah which captivated the crowd and took everyone away from their stressful lives into a state of peace and serenity. When I think of Hannah, I see a beautiful girl always smiling. I see a girl with so much dedication & ambition, a girl with incredible talent, a girl who will never be forgotten by those she blessed with her friendship & love. If I close my eyes she is still with me. You have left such sweet memories in the hearts of so many. Hannah, I will always pray for you and your family. Rest In Peace. All my love, Kim xxx